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  • I hear what your saying Dusty and its good, but on the avrdese, personally I think God put the trees in Georgia to make the trees in Oklahoma jealous The fact that there are trees and vegetation so lush and beautiful in Georgia, give clear vision as to what Oklahoma could be like Without the one, you can't differentiate Sometimes blurred vision can also be a lack of critical thinking and after all Jesus told us to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength A lot of people forget that God wants us also to glorify him with our minds including critical thinking Critical thinking can be the roots that make the trees grow bigger Sometimes we need to see things the way they really are, so that we can cast a clear vision of what can be and it requires clear vision, critical thinking, and hope I have seen extremely fruitful ministries, whose roots are deep in God's word and many large groves whose roots are shallow, and sparse in fruit I have a clear vision of what could be for the latter Don't throw away too quickly the clear vision God gave you from experience of what could be
    Jack @ 2015-07-04 15:53:32
  • This is an article that makes you think "never thought of that!" @ 2015-07-15 03:58:47
  • What a joy to find someone else who thinks this way. @ 2015-09-24 22:43:07

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Ecuador Flowers

Ecuador Flowers

Posted: 11/16/10

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