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  • Thank you Avery for you words on critical tkhining. Critical sounds like such a harsh word but my mind works much like yours. I daily ask the Lord to check my heart because I know that the critical thinker must move in love with pure heart motives. I have often used the word picture of the glass that is half filled with water. So many people want to choose that the glass is half full vs half empty because it sounds so much more positive. I, on the other hand, look deeper and choose to say that the real positive one is the one who see it half empty and wants to fill it up or even see it over flow. The critical thinker (moving in love) is one who is motived to advance the Kingdom and not choose to be stagnate much like the one who is happy to just say the glass is half full.
    Rizen @ 2015-07-05 07:36:27
  • Cool! That's a clever way of looking at it! @ 2015-10-05 03:52:23

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Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Posted: 11/16/10

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